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"To cement its market position, Macel promotes teamwork. Customers, suppliers and employees are the basis of the success of our company.
Because for us Quality is a constant and not a just goal to achieve."
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Macel appears in the market for hydraulic pavements in 1961 from the joint efforts of its founders.
Given the demand for hydraulic pavements, Macel as a pioneer, ordered seven 20x20 manual presses for the production of mosaic with various patterns.
Subsequently, given the supply and demand, Macel ordered another press that could produce 60 m2 a day.

In the years 1974/1975 Macelbet on a dimensional change their pavements and ordered to Italy one of its most sophisticated machines for the production of 33x33 mosaic.
Subsequently, Macel bought an automatic press and a new burnisher, thus significantly increasing the amount of material produced and diversify the product range, as it started to produce the anti-splip pavements.

Macel started its activity always looking for the use of raw materials of high quality, dedicated to the manufacture marble smooth polished based hydraulic pavements and anti-slip tiles.

Given the emphasis on differentiating the Quality of our products, Macel initiated in 1995 a process of remodelling of its industrial park to become the 1st company in Portugal to calibrate hydraulic pavement.
Macel currently produces a wide range of pavements and materials for pools, stairs and others.

Macel is based in Aguada de Cima - Águeda and features a covered area of 9,462 m2 and 16,000 m2 of open space which includes the area of exposition which combine the different textures, colors and sizes of its pavements. In January 2003 production began on Macel's second plant.

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